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The Eucharistic Processions make daily progress from the four corners of our nation toward the July 17-21 Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis. Catholics across America are online to follow their progress, and join in the excitement and prayers from their home parishes.


The Congress in Indianapolis is expected to attract 50,000 attendees for five days of learning, fellowship, prayer and revival.


This public statement of our Catholic faith through the practice of Eucharistic reverence exemplifies the heart of the religious freedom that our nation’s founders enshrined in the First Amendment.  The procession is a public expression of beliefs and conscience, which the founders knew were essential to a moral and religious people – the only people capable of maintaining the extensive personal freedoms of their new government.


And so it comes to each American, of any faith or of none, to protect the basis for all our liberties – the belief that our inalienable rights come from our Creator, not from government.


In our own parishes we can come together to learn the facts of religious freedom, pray for God to protect that right, and act publicly to maintain the exercise of our faith.  Public prayers are effective, powerful demonstrations of faith.

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