“Freedom is a gift and a personal responsibility.  It is a challenge held out to each generation and it must constantly be won over for the sake of good.”   - Pope Francis


More than half of Americans said that religion, spirituality, freedom and patriotism give meaning to their lives according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. (1)


The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty also conducted a survey, released on Nov. 17, 2021, that tracks trends across the full spectrum of opinions on American religious freedom, and this shows the support for the "principles of religious freedom" at a 3-year high. (2)

"As Americans bounce back from a divisive year, we see an increased commitment to a wide range of religious freedom principles," said Luke Goodrich, Becket senior counsel.  "This across-the-board support shows a renewed confidence that protecting religious exercise and expression benefits American culture and civic life." (3)


71%, representing more respondents than ever before, said they think that religious organizations in the community should be just as eligible to receive government funding as non-religious organizations. 62% believe that people of faith should be free to voice their religiously based opinion in public, even on controversial topics. (4)


The Becket report found strong opposition among respondents to the government taking adverse action against people or organizations for their free exercise of religion.  Certain racial minorities - African Americans and Hispanics - were more likely than other respondents to view religion as "part of the solution" in society. (5) "Support for religious liberty in America in 2021 is alive and well," the Becket report concludes. (6)


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“A nation always gets the kind of politicians it deserves.  If ever a time comes when the religious Jews, Protestants and Catholics ever have to suffer under a totalitarian state which would deny them the right to worship God according to the light of their conscience, it will be because for years they thought it made no difference what kind of people represented them in Congress and they abandoned the spiritual in the realm of the temporal.” -Abp. Fulton J Sheen